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One final look at the 2013 elections


We'll close the book on the 2013 elections in Amherst now that the Erie County Board of Elections signed off on the final vote tallies this week.

Of course, there were no surprises after Board of Elections recanvassed the close four-way race for Town Board, which ended up just as it did on election night.

But for all you political junkies, here are the official results:

Incumbent Councilmember Steven D. Sanders, a Republican, was the top vote-getter with 23.6 percent of the vote, capturing one of the open Town Board seats.

He will be joined on the board by Democrat Ramona D. Popowich, who was elected to the second open seat with 23.1 percent of the vote.

The board will remain in control of the Republicans, represented by Sanders, Supervisor Barry A. Weinstein and Councilmember Guy R. Marlette.

But with Popowich joining the board next year, the Democrats pick up another seat along side Democratic Councilmember Mark A. Manna.

Popowich won the second seat by beating her Democratic counterpart, Patricia S. Dunne, by 120 votes and Republican Howard Cadmus by 279 votes.

For the record, Weinstein beat Manna in the supervisor’s race 14,091 votes to 11,352, according to the officials results. In the race for Amherst Town Justice, Kara A. Buscaglia beat Barbara S. Nuchereno 13,356 to 11,815.

-- Jay Rey


  • gsk08

    Well said - "anybody but Manuel" - how can a professional organization with so much at stake continue to believe they are covering up the mistake they made by reaching for a latter round caliber QB.. The more he plays, the more he seems to confirm this fact and with it jepordize the season and the coaches and GM jobs... Marrone needs to show some brass ones and make a move

    • jimbo

      I knew Manuel was going to be a bust before the start of last season. Maroon is already one although the media isn't ready to admit it just yet. For the sake of Bills Nation, Pegula better have some pretty major plans for this team that don't involve the present front office administration.

  • Glenn Nick

    Just announced, Manuel is out and Orton is in...............ESPN reported it at the same time this article was released......

    • jimbo

      Definitely a conspiracy. You certainly wouldn't have seen an article like this last week.

  • Ralph Wiggum

    2-14 here we come. Can't wait to see who we pick up in the 1st round next year....oh wait...

    • jimbo

      I like "The AFC East looks vulnerable", thanks to the Buffalo Bills. Whom are they going to beat? The Dolphins will kill them in the S. Fla rematch, and the Patriots are a far more competent organization. Same story every year.

  • PaulR

    Be careful. There's a possibility that Orton would be worse, which would magnify the problem.

    That's almost assured. The Bills would be his 5th team. He would still be at Denver or one of his previous teams if he showed any consistency. At this point, I'd rather have Tebow as Manuel's backup.

  • jimbo

    Interesting how the entire sports media is suddenly anti-Manuel. You'd think there's a conspiracy afoot. Anyway, it's all a smoke and mirrors assignment to deflect from the real problems of the team.